Welcome to Lancaster City, PA

We are a lively urban center that values the cultural, ethnic, and diverse lifestyles of our residents, businesses, and guests.

In Lancaster you will find restaurants that offer a global feast, an exciting array of independent retailers and merchants, and a thriving art and culture scene. With more B-Corp businesses in Lancaster than the entire state of Ohio, we are a city that encourages entrepreneurship and investment. Our historic neighborhoods are rich in culture, yet continue to evolve in contemporary ways. The Lancaster City Alliance team welcomes you to explore our work and all that the City has to offer.

Lancaster City Population

61,564 & Growing

2.3% Projected Growth by 2023

25 Years of Age and Over

Over 38,292

(County: 371,165)

Median age

34 Years Old

Associate College Degree or higher

10,520 or 28%

(County: 131,325)

22,420 Households

Average Household Income

$50,578 & Rising

(County: $80,938/USA: $83,694)