Building On Strength

City of Lancaster Economic Development Strategic Plan

Project Overview & Purpose

In 2014 the Lancaster City Alliance developed a 15-year economic development plan for the City of Lancaster to enhance the community’s quality of life and ensure economic growth. Lancaster entered into this planning process from a position of advantage, largely the result of the successes of the previous Lancaster Economic Development Action Agenda (“LDR Plan”), produced in 1998. Therefore, Lancaster has been building on its strengths and creating an environment that fosters growth and development, elevates the economic well-being of the community, and sets a foundation for healthy urban economic development in the future. As we move through the implementation of the plan through 2030, Building On Strength is expected to evolve and be adapted to work in harmony with other community plans.

Tracking the Building On Strength Plan

Plan Resources:

  1. Presentation to the community economic development and finance partners. March 2023
  2. Hourglass First Friday Forum: West King Reinvestment. March 2023
  3. Hear from the Lancaster City Alliance Team in Lancaster’s Balance Magazine. Get an explanation of the plan, where it has been, and what’s in store for the second half of Building On Strength. October 2022