Investing in Lancaster City Alliance

Corporate Partnerships with the Lancaster City Alliance

A financial investment in the Lancaster City Alliance supports a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all and is paramount to the economic health of the county and region. Your partnership is a valuable investment in your business and employees.

Typical Corporate Partner Benefits include

Corporate Partnership Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Lancaster City Alliance. We would love to learn more about your organization and your interest in supporting the City. Please contact us at…

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The Lancaster City Alliance thanks our 2021/2022 financial supporters

The generous contribution of our corporate and individual partners makes our work possible.


  • Franklin & Marshall College
  • Fulton Forward Foundation
  • High Real Estate Group LLC
  • Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
  • The Steinman Foundation


  • M&T Charitable Foundation


  • Baker Tilly US, LLP
  • Barley Snyder
  • Benchmark Construction
  • City of Lancaster
  • Discover Lancaster
  • Ecklin Group
  • EHD
  • Irex Corporation
  • Murray
  • Orrstown Bank
  • PNC Financial Services
  • PPL Electric Utilities
  • RKL 
  • S&T Bank 
  • UGI Utilities, Inc.
  • Warfel Construction 
  • Willow Valley Communities
  • Woodstream Corporation


  • Burnham Holdings, Inc.
  • Capital Blue Cross
  • Cargas Systems Inc.
  • CCS Building Group LLC
  • Firm Foundations Property Solutions
  • SDL Devco, LLC
  • Susquehanna Style Magazine
  • TW Ponessa & Associates
  • Warehouse District 
  • Wohlsen Construction Company


  • 230 Medical Center Condo Assn.
  • John Anderson
  • Jennifer Craighead Carey
  • Robert (Joe) and Kristine Crosswhite
  • C.S. Davidson, Inc.
  • Robert “Teke” and Jodi Drummond
  • Jane Eastman
  • Eden Resort & Suites
  • Fig Industries
  • Holly and Dave Kutz
  • Robert and Hale Krasne
  • Lancaster Marriott At Penn Square
  • Mark and Beth McCollom
  • Mary Ann Shirk
  • Christopher Stump
  • Truist
  • Paul and Judy Ware
  • Catherine Williams


  • Clipper Magazine
  • Dennis Cox
  • Michael DeBerdine
  • Joseph Deerin
  • Rufus A. Fulton
  • Gallery Grow
  • Lori Herr and John Thomas
  • James Street Mennonite Church
  • Nancy and Jacob Keeler
  • Jane McMinn
  • Sharon and Doug Moore
  • Richard F. Mula Architects
  • Todd Reinhart
  • Craig and Dianne Roda
  • Simon Lever
  • Laura Schanz Consulting Associates, LLC
  • Bob and Felicia Shoemaker
  • Jesse Speicher and Todd Baum
  • The Stoners
  • John and Amy Swanson
  • George and Ann Weaver
  • Steven G. Witmer
  • Henry J. Yeager Laboratories
  • Yorgo’s


  • 551 West
    Rebecca and Wesley Addington
    David Aichele and Betsy Shank
    Fred and Blake Albright
    Ricardo Almodovar
    Thomas and Barbara Andersen
    Daniel Armstrong
    Tracy Arnold
    Jeanne Aument and Edward Iovino
    Abigail Baer
    Brooke and Mike Baker
    Jennifer Baker and Matthew Fairbanks
    Tom and Susan Baldrige
    Chris Ballentine
    Lewis Bechtold
    Wyatt Behringer
    Andrew Berfond
    Ellen Berfond
    Evon Bergey
    Douglas Bernard
    Randy Berridge
    Meylin Best
    Bill Beyer
    Richard Bidgood
    Elizabeth Blackledge
    William and Barbara Boben
    Jo and Charlie Book
    W. Bradley and Emily Forrey
    Kristofer Bradley
    Alex and Brooke Brame
    Deborah Brandt
    Tom and Barbra Bray Smithgall
    Joann Brayman
    Samuel Bressi
    Patricia Brogan
    Anne Brye
    Tom Burgum
    Alicia Byler
    Brett Calabretta
    Max and Tina Campbell
    Chip and Rebecca Cargas
    Margaret Carroll
    Michael Carson
    Deborah Carter
    CI Records
    Katherine Cirone
    FARBO Co
    Larry Cohen
    Maria Colella
    Jack Crowley
    Curio. Gallery & Creative Supply
    Michael Cusack
    Raymond D’Agostino
    Paul Daigle
    Fern Dannis
    Lisa Darlington
    Gary Davis
    Clifford and Anna Day
    Day By Day Lawncare, LLC
    Christopher Delfs
    Victor DeSantis
    Katrina Devine
    Salvatore and Mary Dina
    Beverley Doody
     Doug Ranck Plumbing Heating AC
    Kristy Drover
    Nancy Dyer
    Jim Eby
    Kevin Ember
    Fred Engle
    Jocelyn Engle
    Timothy Erdley
    Matthew Eynon
    Wes Farmer and Hilda Shirk
     Festoon at the Fireshouse
    Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery
    Carolyn French
    Timothy and Kate Freund
    Jim and Iris Frey
    Shawna Fritz
    Paul Fulmer
     Gardner’s Mattress and More
    Eric Garman
    Steve Geisenberger and Christine Sable
    John Gerdy
    Jenny and Evan Germann
    Michael R. Gillespie
    Jerry Glenn
    Martha Good
    Ed and Jean Gordon
    Scott Gray
    Victoria Graybeal
    Lisa and Jeff Greener
    Wayne Groff
    Holly Groff
    Xiang Guo
    Mark Hackenburg
    Emma Hamme
    Dana Hanchin
    Janet Hartle
    Henrietta Heisler
    Hempfield Botanicals & Makes Scents  LLC
    Nancy Henry
    Emmanuel Hernandez
    John Hershey
    John Higgs
    Margot Hoerner
    Thomas R. Hoober
    Kelley and Doug Hornbecker
    David Hornberger
    Jeffrey and Alicia Horst
    Lyle and Joy Hosler
    Rod and Mary Lou Houser
    Tim and Mary Huber
    Cheryl Isaac
    Rick Joi
    Lawrence Keating
    Michael Keller
    Jess King and Chad Martin
    Mary Kinnon
    Corinn and Danyon Kirchner
    Charles Klein
    Sherri and Michael Knight
    Gregory Knisely
    Mary Kohler
    Tom Koppmann
    Zena Korba
    Mark and Valerie Korman
    Barry and Carol Kornhauser
    Anne and Tomek Kott
    Stacey Kubis
     Landis Communities
    Eric Leather
    Walter and Frances Legenstein
    Elizabeth and Mark Lennon
    Ben and Rachel Lesher
    Christina Leslie
    Martha Lester Harris
    Alyssa Licatese
    John Lines
    Scott and Lisa Little
    Rick and Ann Little
    Marisa Lownsbery
    Stephens Lytch
    Jessica Mailhot
    Christopher Mandros
    Justin and Erin Manning
    Nancy Mannion
    Bruce Martin and John Haney
    Gloria Mast
    Susanne Matthews
    George and Jessica May
    Kathleen McAllen and Jeffrey Thornton
    J. McClure
    C.Clair McCormick
    Michael and Kathryn McKenna
    Samuel McMinn
    Christian and Gladys McMurtrie
    John Messick
    Henry Michel
    Tim and Katie Miller
    Jenna Mitchell Beckett
    Laurie Moir
    Martha Montes
     Mulberry Partners, LLC
    Thomas and Vicki Mumma
    Tricia Nabors
    Shelby Nauman
    Samuel and Nancy Neff
    Norbu-Bhutanese and Nepalese Restaurant
    Alex Otthofer
    Karen Paiva
    Randy and Phyllis Patterson
    Mary Peters
    Vanessa Philbert
    David Phung
    Ellen and Carl Pike
    Richard Pool
    Mary and Robert Porter
    Jeff and Julie Primaldi
    Progressive Property Management, Inc.
    Michael P. Raffoni
    Victor Ramos
    Richard and Vanessa Rankin
    Anthony and Bonnie Rathsam
    John and Carole Reed
     Referral Partner Plus – Lancaster
    Gerald Reidel
    Kathy Richardson
    Clint Rider
    Bethany Riker
    Carol Roland
    Brian Rutter
    Addison Rymar
    Stephanie Sands
    Nancine Sauer
    Kathleen Saul
    Emily Savill
    Cindy Sawicki
    Karen Schloer
    Michael and Hope Schmids
    Christine M. Schneider
    Lori Secord
    Fermin Sedano-Perez
    Doug and Erin Sell
    Mimi Shapiro and Paul Engleheart
    Jean Sharf
    Gene Shaw
    Mike and Andrea Shirk
    Todd Showe
    Thomas W. Shultz
    James Shultz
    Jennifer and David Silbert
     Simply From Scratch
    Tom Simpson
    Audrey Skilton
    Marshall Snively and Paul Gibbs
    Gina Socks
    Kyle Sollenberger
    R&N Sprout Vietnames Eatery
    Kevin St. Cyr
    Katie Stafford
    Barbara Stambaugh
     Starbucks Corporation
    Gretchen Stark
    Jeff Steed
    Fred R. Stehman
    Joyce and Jim Stephens
    Tom and Angie Stephenson
    Lisa Stillwell
    Donna Styer
    Kathlene Sullivan
    Kristin Sullivan
    Ann Swartzbaugh
    Tyler Swope
    Donna and Stan Szczygiel      The Sandwich Factory            Jake and Susannah Thorsen Greg Townley
    Patricia Traynor
    Chris Trendler
    Jason and Beth Trout
    Sara Tuscher
    Laurie Ulrich Fuller
    Heather Valudes
    Ted Vedock
    Jeffrey and Sharon Vrabel
    Viktoria and Henry W. Yaeger
    Colleen E. Wagner
    Crystal Weaver
    Annie Weeks
    Anne Williams and Peter Day
    Holly Williams
    Tanya Williams
    Marian V. Wilson
    Harry and Joan Wirth
    Gregory Wright
    Jonathan and Kate Yeager
    Jeremy and Melissa Young
    Meghan Young
    Steve and Jennifer Young
    Daniel G. Youngs
    Shane and Ginny Zimmerman
    Katherine (Kate) Zimmerman

Emeritus Donors

  • Jane Eastman
  • Dennis Cox
  • Christian and Gladys McMurtrie
  • Mary Ann Shirk
  • Paul and Judy Ware
  • Bob and Felicia Shoemaker
  • Walter and Frances Legenstein
  • C. Clair McCormick
  • Craig and Dianne Roda